10 Environmentally-friendly Tips for your Home

10 Environmentally-friendly Tips for your Home

Going down the green route may seem expensive, but you may change your mind once you hear about the savings you can make. Replacing the chemical laden products in your bathroom for instance is actually more cost-effective. In addition, you’re doing your part for the environment. And the natural replacements you’ll use will be a lot kinder to your and your family’s skin and health.

Here are 6 tips to get a greener home.

Use energy efficient bulbs

LED bulbs are efficient because they last a lot longer than normal incandescent light bulbs. One bulb will last over 20 years and only cost about $38 to run. A normal incandescent bulb will cost seven times that amount.


Use curtains or blinds over your windows

Covering your windows will conserve energy and save you money by keeping in heat throughout the day and night. On average, you can save around 15% of energy by covering your windows with curtains or blinds.


Don’t put your appliances on standby

You use 10% more energy by keeping your appliances on standby. Keep them switched off to save on energy and bills.


Save water

Saving water is a necessity in this resource-challenged era. Several ways you can save on water is by timing your showers. A small timer for 4 minute showers will help discipline you. You can also replace your tap or toilet flush with more energy efficient ones.

You in fact don’t have to waste a drop, if you bring in a small bin or bucket in the shower with you, it can catch the cold water you don’t use while you’re waiting for the warm water to run through. Use that water for the plants.


Adopt baking soda as a less toxic cleaning product

Baking soda is the number one replacement for cleaning products that are much friendlier to the environment and your skin. You can use it for:

  • Cleaning surfaces: just sprinkle on and wipe down with a sponge.
  • Unclogging drains: pour it down and flush it through with hot water.
  • Cleaning your toilet bowl: add a ¼ cup with one cup of vinegar and leave for 15 minutes.


Keep a bottle of white vinegar in your cupboard at all times

Vinegar is another key staple for cleaning. You can also use it to:

  • Give an extra shine to surfaces: spray it on and polish it up with a cloth.
  • Spraying on windows and glass surfaces, 1 part vinegar to every three parts of water. Just wipe off with a soft and dry cloth.
  • Get rid of mildew: mix vinegar with borax and apply the paste to the affected areas, then scrub with a small brush.

Those are ways that everyone can adopt for a more energy efficient and less toxic environment in your house. And you’ll surely have fun deploying the savings elsewhere.


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