Five key ways you can add value to your home now

Five key ways you can add value to your home now

Are you ready to list your home on the market and get the most value you can? In many cases, you can add a healthy chunk of value of your property by making a few enhancements. Here are five ways you can do that now.

Firstly, make sure you get any major problems rectified. Perhaps you could live with the small crack in the master bedroom creeping up the side of the wall. And you might have been able to ignore the rising mold in the basement. But chances are a potential buyer will not dismiss problems like this. An appraiser will look at everything so make sure any defects are taken care of. That includes cracks, mold, leaking roofs, broken tiles or blockages. Get an apprasial beforehand and see what needs to be done. Spend the money now and you will reap the benefits at sale time.

Secondly, you can winterize your property to make it more appealing. Ensure that all of the windows are double glazed, the roof and walls are insulated, any gaps are sealed off and that the HVAC is in working order. This will mean your potential buyer will spend less on the heating bill. That may just sway them to pay the extra on your property!

Thirdly, if your space has potential for an extra bedroom or even an extra bathroom, it is worth adding it as it will add thousands to your property’s price. Or perhaps you can remodel the space you have. Consider the potential of dividing up rooms, or converting empty space beneath the stairs or even converting a loft. This could be a cost-effective way of increasing the sale value. If a room is not possible or extension not feasible, perhaps you can work in extra storage space, which can also add tons of appeal to your home.

Fourthly, consider remodelling the bathroom or kitchen so they don’t have to. Kitchens and bathrooms commonly outdate. Add new hardware, a sink or counter tops to save someone else the hassle and increase your selling price at the same time.

Finally, tidy up any cosmetic flaws. If the walls could do with new paint, then paint them. If the wood floor haven’t been redone since you moved in, then give them a face lift.

Taking the effort to improve and upgrade in this way will pay off in the long run and get you a better offer on your home and that’s something we aim to consult with you on at Tyson Wokoeck & Associates.

If you are looking to buy or sell then reach out to us and one of our agents will reach out to you to set up a time to discuss the upcoming sale of your home.