Why it’s the best time to sell your home in B.C.?

Why it’s the best time to sell your home in B.C.?

Thinking of moving house? Or one step further, you’re preparing to move house by fixing up your own property and enhancing its features, to make sure it gets the best selling price when you put it on the market. The next step in that project is to decide when exactly to list your property.

The most buzz is now

Typically speaking, the Spring and Summer months tend to be the most busy in terms of purchase activity. Particularly March through to June is when sales tend to close. This is also when condos and detached homes tend to sell most as well as holiday homes.

Why do people opt for Summer? Well it may just seem that everyone is out house hunting while the weather is good but there’s another explanation, particularly for families who are thinking about the school year. As it can take up to three months from the close of sale to move in date, many families want this to coincide with the end of the kids’ holidays.

For holiday homes that sell well during the summer months, the explanation is simple - folks are on holiday and are out visiting the homes they wish to purchase.

What if you miss the boat

Despite these months being the best time to list, it’s not the only time in the year. You can sell your home any time of year and after this period, Fall is the most optimum time to do so. In particular, it’s the more pricey dwellings that will sell at this stage of the year. If you think about the time it takes from the decision to move through the viewing and offer stages, buying a more expensive home requires much more planning and thought.

Summer and November through the winter period will start to slow down a little for the market but you should never rule these times of year out completely. If you’re looking to sell, don’t wait, list your property now. Because the upside of less activity is that you have less competition out there too and may just get a very good deal as a result.

Prices may very well rise in line with the seasonal trends. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact a REALTOR who can give you the market specific guidance that will help you achieve a successful sale. REALTORS are always on hand. Contact the office any time you want to ask them a question or get help listing your property.