Why Winter and Fall is a great time to sell your property

Why Winter and Fall is a great time to sell your property

Traditional thinking dictates that Spring and Summer are the best months to sell your property. But there are plenty of good arguments and precedent for why Fall and Winter can be just as fruitful to attract buyers. It could actually be the best time to get a really good sale. Here are five very good reasons to ensure your property listed this season and five tips to make sure you get the deal.

Fall and Winter Appeal

Seasonal flair

On one hand the dreary and cold seasonal weather may be off-putting for those having to traipse out and view properties for sale. On the other, the Fall and Winter months have some appeal too. Everyone is in a holiday mood and full of festive cheer. Fall colors, winter snow and holiday decorations can give your property a little extra curb appeal too. In fact, it may bring the best out of it.

New beginnings

With the New Year on the horizon, people are also starting to plan and get organized. The new year is usually a great time for brand new beginnings, of which a new home is perfect for, so there will be people searching during these months.

Also with some down time on the cards, there’ll be less distraction – less work and school to think about and more time to get things done. That is why people are still looking during winter.

Less competition

As it’s not the traditional time to put your house on the market, there is less to compete with. You may find that there are no comparable properties in your area or any that match your property’s size or spec for prospective buyers. Ensure it has the necessary curb appeal and you will have the upper hand on the property market and may even be negotiating several different offers.

More serious buyers

If there are less properties for sale on the market, you may think there are fewer buyers too. What you’ll find however, is that there are still plenty and they tend to be more serious prospects who didn’t find a property over the summer or who have a deadline or desired move date. When they view your property, they’re likely to be serious.

Dedicated support

Less competition and more focused viewing is also helped along with more personal support. Real estate agents won’t be spread thin across numerous properties and sales. So, be able to offer even more dedicated advice.

How to get the deal you want

To maximize your chances of enticing a buyer this season think about implementing the following:

  • Daytime viewing is better with less daylight this time of year. Therefore, being available at the weekend could maximize the viewing potential.
  • Enhance the curb appeal by keeping your gutters and driveways clean; keep any decorations tasteful and understated.
  • Enhance your interior by making the property look cozy, warm and appealing.
  • Save your carpets and floors by putting out a mat for people to wipe their shoes on.
  • With the darkness of the season, try and let as much light in as possible by opening up blinds, curtains and netting.

To find out more about marketing your home during the winter, give us a call and we will help you through the process.